Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hi there, we have had alot going on in our lives the last four weeks. I have wanted to post but life just happens sometimes you know. One of them is  our camera broke. We had to visit Best Buy and they sent it in to get it fixed. Hoping to get it back real soon. Had to borrow my daughters camera last week for our son's birthday and now for Christmas. My scrapbooking room has been chocked full of christmas boxes and a Christmas project that my husband is working on for our daughter. Needless to say nothing has gotten done.   :(

 Well, the good news is that after New Years I will have several new projects which include using the Cricut and sewing projects to post. Super excited!! Also, I am going to be giving away some of the projects on the site. More info to come. Can't wait to start scrapbooking again too.

 My hope for you all is a Very Merry Christmas. Remember that Jesus is the Reason for The Season.