Thursday, November 7, 2013

I have moved to a new blog

Hello there! If you have found this blog, well I have moved to a new one. Enjoy all the fun ideas from this blog. Just  go to Torch Light Cottage and visit my new blog. Looking forward to have you visit.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

How To Use Sausage Links Instead Of Hamburger

The price of hamburger is so expensive anymore. What do I do when I have no hamburger??? Well, I am able to find sausage links at Sam's Club for reduced for quick sale. The price ends up being much lower than hamburger per pound.

What I do is just place the sausage in the pan and break it up into tiny pieces. I use the sausage in spaghetti sauce, potato bake, cornmeal quiche, add to scrambled eggs and many more meals. My family enjoys all the meals that I make with using sausage instead of hamburger.

In encourage you to become creative in how you cook. By researching the internet for recipes that have hamburger. You never know how yummy they can be by replacing the hamburger with sausage. Use what you have on hand. Substitution can be a good thing.

Happy cooking in your kitchens. Think outside the box. Cooking can be fun and healthy.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fixed My Pressure Cooker

A while back (the last time I used my pressure cooker), I noticed it was not working quite right. The seal on the inside of the lid was not neatly tucked in the lid groove how it should be. So, fast forward to today. Well, I took part of the seal out of the groove and cleaned the seal and groove. What do you know! It totally worked!! I made 2 1/2 cups pinto beans.

I really did not want to purchase another seal online. We are saving money like crazy and looking for another home to purchase. My personal expenses are just food for the family. I am not purchasing anything for myself unless it is a much needed item. No eating out. Last month we ate home the entire month. Even my husband has been fine with that.

I have not done any crafts in a while. Too busy with homeschooling my children. It is that time of year for us. Even a stay at home, homeschool mom is busy.

Hoping your day is wonderful.


Proverbs 3:5-6

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Home Hunting

We have been looking for a new home since the beginning of September. Several rejected offers and more homes coming on the market everyday. We are hoping to find a home to be in by Christmas. Waiting on God to open up the door to the one he wants us to have.

Very busy for the kids and I since school started. We are a homeschooling family. The Lord has blessed many years for our family. It honestly is the only way for us. Hannah is in 7th and Sam is in 5th now. Boy, time flies. My children are getting so big.

The Lord has been walking us through some pretty tough trials as a family this month too. God is refining our lives in him.

I hope your day is wonderful.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Well, there are many times the Lord stretches my life. Mainly on a daily basis with my children and husband. If he does not sanctify me, I will get stale in  my walk with him. The type of personality I have is; to keep things simple, if it is not broke don't fix it, homebody, keep to what I know how to do well. Last week, I wanted to try making some simple crochet flowers. Turning to YouTube, I found several videos. Also, I am a very visual person. So saying that, I watched one video at a time with my crochet hook and yarn. During the video I would also take down exact directions. When I finished the flower, I then stapled it to my paper with the directions. This was very helpful. Below is one of the pages and example.

Trying new things that do not cost any money is great. I believe the internet can be used in a good way instead of the bad way many people use it for. The Lord gave us the technology, so lets us it for His glory.

Praying your day is wonderful!


Monday, August 5, 2013

Stretching Your Food Budget

Since 2009 I have really learned how to make by food budget stretch as far as it will go. Many recipes I have found on the internet, and from really vintage cookbooks or create my own. I usually change the recipe to what there is on hand in my pantry, freezer and refrigerator.

We usually spend less than $400.00 per month. Many months is is around $200.00. It all depends what is on sale. Shopping for items such as meats only on sale is a very important tip. Otherwise we could not afford to purchase meat. I will not pay over $2.50 a pound for meats. For example, once to twice a year we will splurge on hamburger at Sam's Club. I can find different cuts of pork for less than $1.99 and much less during the year. Chicken is a big staple for our home. On average I pay between .79 and .99 cents per pound.  Search the grocery store ads and see what they have on sale near your home.

The last couple of weeks I have made some yummy dinner dishes. Enjoy the photos.

Masa Cakes (Instead of tamales)

Pork Verde with Veggies poured over the masa cakes. They were quite tasty.

What will you make this week that only costs a few cents per serving? Give it a try and see what you can come up with.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Friday, July 19, 2013

Waiting, waiting and waiting

Well, waiting is not one of my favorite things is this world. Watching homes that we could put offers on are either going to pending sale then back on sale or selling outright. It is hard to see which home God is going to have for us. My husband is waiting until September to start looking. He is right though. The market is changing, and who knows (only God) we just may get a larger home with more land than we expected. Proverbs 3:5-6 says that I need to trust Him in all things. That does include the little and big things. If today you are feeling a bit stretched in the "Trusting" area, join the club. I do believe that all true Christians have issues with trusting in God fully from time to time.

God is a just and loving God and He know what is best for our family and does for your family too.