Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fixed My Pressure Cooker

A while back (the last time I used my pressure cooker), I noticed it was not working quite right. The seal on the inside of the lid was not neatly tucked in the lid groove how it should be. So, fast forward to today. Well, I took part of the seal out of the groove and cleaned the seal and groove. What do you know! It totally worked!! I made 2 1/2 cups pinto beans.

I really did not want to purchase another seal online. We are saving money like crazy and looking for another home to purchase. My personal expenses are just food for the family. I am not purchasing anything for myself unless it is a much needed item. No eating out. Last month we ate home the entire month. Even my husband has been fine with that.

I have not done any crafts in a while. Too busy with homeschooling my children. It is that time of year for us. Even a stay at home, homeschool mom is busy.

Hoping your day is wonderful.


Proverbs 3:5-6

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