Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Cottage

Busy is the word for our household last week. Things began to get back to regular schedule since our home had been put up for sale. We had to sign final papers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday escrow closed and getting settled in our rental cottage. The Lord has been very good to us during this time of stretching in our faith. Selling a home is a huge undertaking.

The cottage is out from town about 15 minutes or so. The trips I take into town are few now. I am so glad that the last few years purchasing food in bulk, cooking from scratch and  stocking up the pantry has been done in my household. Not having to run to the store for something has been great. Last week I made some great meals from items we had in the freezer, and pantry. Here is a list of some of the things we have eaten last week.

Turkey spam sandwiches
Black bean chili with rice
Pork chops with left over black bean chili with rice
Left over pork, black bean chili, rice tacos
Lots of wonderful green salads
Ham (that was already cooked)and baked potatoes
Potato zucchini pancakes with salad and fruit

I did make a large pitcher of mint water. Our landlords planted several things for us in the garden on the property. The mint water was very refreshing. My daughter asked if I could make some more. Very free indeed. My main goal is to make everything stretch as far as possible. Making sure the meals are healthy and tasty.

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